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The MOST important part of your computer system is your data. (Documents, pictures, accounts etc.) Do you keep an up to date copy of your data? Computers break down, software goes corrupt, Hard Disk drives fail. These can be remedied in the main, but what would happen if you lost your data? • If you didn't have your accounts data,would you know who owes you money? • Would you know how much you owe? • Would you know how much Tax or VAT to pay? • How long would it take you to retype those customer letters or estimates? • Could you bear to lose those favourite family photos? These are all problems we have had to deal with, and although we are able to carry out data recovery in most instances, this can be time consuming and VERY expensive. Let US show you how to back up your data safely, securely and automatically. It's easy and inexpensive and we have a range of options depending on YOUR particular circumstance
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