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Blackberry 9900 Repair
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Cracked or Broken outer screen or Digitizer You can still see the image plainly, but the outer screen is either cracked or broken, and may not respond to touch
Cracked or Broken Inner screen or LCD You cannot see the image plainly or there are lines on the screen, or crazed patterns
Faulty Charging Port or Dock Connector You can no longer charge your phone nor connect to your PC
Faulty Joystick Button Your joystick button will not respond or only works now and again
Faulty Keyboard Your Power button will not respond or only works now and again
Camera Faulty Camera will no longer take pictures or pictures taken are ‘fuzzy’
Microphone You can hear the other person, but they cannot hear you. This may happen on normal calls or speakerphone.
Speaker The other person can hear you on calls, but you cannot hear them. Can also work on Speakerphone. You may not be able to hear and music on your phone
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