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Agreement for repair 1.1 The terms set out in these Conditions of Repair (“Agreement”) shall apply to the service (“Service”) we provide to repair your smartphone, tablet, computer and/or any accessories (“Device”) on the service check-in form. This site is owned and operated by ComputaBilda. If you have any questions or comments with regard to these terms and conditions please contact us:- email or phone: 07588182556 (Tuesday - Friday, 9:30am - 15:30pm or Saturday 0930-1500). 1.2 Reference to “us”, “we” and “our” refer to ComputaBilda and references to “you” and “your” are references to you (“Customer), the person addressed on this form. All repairs (unless otherwise stated) IMPORTANT: You are responsible for ensuring that you have backed up all data on your computer or device before we access your system. We will not be responsible for any loss of data, pictures, information, or programs on your device. If you have not made any backups of your data, then we can do this for you. Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for your data to be backed up before we start work on your device. Please note, mechanical failure of your hard disk or other components inside your device can occur without warning during our intensive diagnostics. Virus and malware infections can also damage your data and could lead to unpredictable problems and could result in data loss. For some jobs, we may need to re-install your operating system. This involves wiping your hard disk clean and re-installing the operating system back to the point when your computer was first purchased. We will contact you prior to doing this but if you require your data to be backed up prior to the wipe and restored back to your computer once the operating system has been re-installed please let us know. There will be additional charges associated with this service. DIAGNOSTICS If on initial inspection, your device repair can be estimated immediately, and / or requires parts to be ordered by us, then the full cost for the repair will be charged on booking in your device. It can take many hours to fully diagnose your device, and a nominal diagnostic charge of £20 will be charged on booking in your item for repair. Liquid damage items are subjected to a non-refundable cleaning fee before we start any repair/diagnosis to the device. The fee for small devices (mobile phones) is £19.99 and larger items (laptops) £29.99. If you provide the parts for the repair of your device, then a charge for fitting will be levied and will be payable on booking in. No Warranty will be given under these circumstances. REPAIR / SERVICE CANCELLATIONS It can take many hours to fully diagnose and repair your computer and often we need to purchase parts that are required for your repair. If at any time you decide to cancel the repair, you will be liable to make payment of any parts ordered for your repair and a calculation of the cost of labour to the maximum of the agreed quoted cost of repair will be charged. We will not release any item back to you until payment in full is received. REPAIR & DIAGNOSTICS TIMES Although we aim to get your device repaired / diagnosed as quickly as possible, the service can sometimes take longer than anticipated. We normally aim to diagnose and repair within 3-10 business days but sometimes the repair can take longer. We often must source parts from outside of the UK and can take several weeks before we receive the parts and clear customs. We will not be held responsible for any repairs that exceed our estimated completion time. We will make every effort to inform you if we expect a delay in our service. If you would like a status update please get in touch with our repair centre by text, phone, whatsapp, or email – details are on our website. ABANDONED COMPUTERS Any device that has not been collected for more than 180 days from being advised will be recycled or disposed of if prior arrangements have not been made. It is important that you check your details on your receipt at the time of booking to ensure that we have your correct contact details. We will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the details provided. We will make reasonable attempts to contact the customer using the information supplied by the customer as per Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977. Tablet & Mobile device repairs When ComputaBilda take on your device for repair there are many situations that we are unable to test for before we start the repair and this disclaimer is in place to protect yourself and ourselves from any potential misunderstandings.[1] Unforeseen Damage of MalfunctionI understand ComputaBilda will be unaware of any other potential problems that could arise as a result of the initial damage or by opening / disturbing the internal logic boards and internal cables during dismantle / repair. This may result in additional charges to cover the costs of parts required to complete the repair. We will endeavour to make you aware of this at the time of repair / diagnosis.[2] Parts We UseFor Apple devices, we use THIRD PARTY SCREENS and BATTERY and these are not officially endorsed by Apple. If you prefer an original Apple Screen or Battery this can only be undertaken by Apple. For your total peace of mind all our screens are guaranteed for ONE YEAR (Apple only gives 90 days!). In addition, on Apple iPhones, a notice will be displayed in Settings advising you that the items have been replaced. [3] Original Manufacturer WarrantyThe original manufacturer of your product may refuse to undertake any work on your device if it is repaired by anyone other than them. This includes both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs.[4] Waterproof / Water Resistant DevicesTo repair your device, we need to physically get inside it which usually means we have to break the waterproof seal (if any). Some items that are classed as waterproof / water resistant may not be waterproof on return to you. If this will affect the enjoyment of your device, please only ensure you get it repaired with the manufacturer directly to guarantee a waterproof seal on return.[5] Liquid Damaged DevicesAny device that is found to have any signs of liquid damage internally will be exempt from any warranties offered. We may still be able to do the repair but due to the nature of liquid damage/corrosion we will not offer any warranty whatsoever. We will stop working on your device and inform you as soon as we see any signs of internal liquid damage. Only after speaking with you will we continue with the repair.[6] Your data – includes photos, emails, documentsIt is YOUR responsibility to ensure your data is backed up prior to repair. ComputaBilda will not be liable for loss of data whatsoever. We do offer a backup service – please ask for this BEFORE we start the repair. PERSONAL DATA During the booking in of your device we will ask you for certain details which we require to perform the service. This includes your name, address, phone numbers and email address. We may also require your administrator password to access your device to complete our service.We will record or keep a detailed note of your conversations with our engineers for records purposes. 2.1 This Agreement shall commence from the date you sign the service check-in form and shall continue until we have repaired or otherwise returned your Device, whichever is sooner, and received any payment due from you. 2.2 We shall make reasonable efforts to repair your Device subject to the availability of any parts required and/or the terms of any relevant guarantee or warranty. We shall perform the Service using our utmost care and skill. 2.3 We shall use high quality compatible parts for the repairs of all Devices. 2.4 We shall require the passcode of your Device in order to test the Device before and after the Service. Should you prefer to keep this information private, we can still proceed with an appointment, but will not be able to perform a full functional check on the Device until you return to the store, which can delay the provision of the Service, if any adjustments need to be made. 2.5 Any time estimate for completion of the service, which may be given to you, is an estimate only and does not form any obligation under the terms of this Agreement. We will aim to return your Device as soon as reasonably possible, however, any Board Level (Level 3) repairs (i.e. repairs to the logic board of the Device) may take at least 5 working days to be completed, sometimes longer. 2.6 We shall notify you when the Device has been repaired and is available for collection from our shop. If the device has not been collected it will be transferred to our central warehouse for storage. Any delivery from central warehouse will be chargeable at £2.00 per month. If necessary, we shall send a reminder and the device will be recycled if not collected by day 180. 2.7 If we are unable to complete the Service for any reason, or the Service will incur further costs payable by you beyond that initially estimated by us, we will notify you immediately via telephone and/or email. If no fault is found on your Device or you do not accept our revised estimate, we will return your Device to you unrepaired and we reserve the right to charge you an inspection fee of £19.99 – but this may vary in accordance with our standard charges. 2.8 The cost of repair will be calculated where possible in accordance with our standard charges as published from time to time. 2.9 We shall be entitled to keep your Device until all charges payable have been paid. We may also charge an additional fee for storage of your Device at a monthly fee of £2 per month. 2.10 Use of our service may void your manufacturer’s warranty. If you would like to avoid this, then please take your Device directly to the manufacturer. Please note, your manufacturer’s warranty may not cover any accidental damage. 2.11 Following repair, any water proofing or resistance cannot be guaranteed. 2.12 ComputaBilda may install warranty seals following the repair. Any tampering of the seals will void the ComputaBilda warranty. 2.13 Our products and repairs are covered by the warranty terms outlined in the table below: 2.14 The Warranty is linked to a specific device as identified by its unique IMEI or serial number and to a specific Customer as identified by the records on our system. It will cover the Customer for any re-occurrence of the original fault and for the part replaced / repaired only, however if additional faults arise, they will not be covered under the terms of this Warranty. Furthermore, the Warranty will not cover accidental damage, nor will the cover extend should the device change ownership. The warranty will commence once the item is notified ‘ready to pick up’ to you from us. 2.15 We do not accept responsibility for any progression in damage where your Device has been repaired elsewhere prior to your repair at ComputaBilda or any issues found in your Device (i.e. ‘Touch Disease’, ripped flex) which were not evident upon initial inspection. Should any issues become evident, once the Device is opened, we will contact you via telephone/text. Liquid Damaged Devices 2.16 We do not accept responsibility for any progression in damage for Devices that have been damaged by liquid. Opening the Device could set off further damage which in some cases may be very serious and irreparable. 2.17 We ask our customers to monitor their Device post liquid damage repair, as unknown issues can arise soon after treatment for liquid damage, which are beyond our control. 2.18 Should your Device display any further issues relating to the liquid damage during the Warranty period, we will re-assess and re-quote for the work needed. We will also offer a full refund of all monies paid by you with respect to repairs carried out to your Device, excluding the £20.00 up-front cost, should you wish to take this option. Liability 3.1 Our entire liability in respect of any single cause of action arising out of or in connection with this Agreement (whether for breach of contract, tort, including negligence, statute or otherwise at all) shall be limited, to the extent that the cause of action related to our supply of the Services, at our exclusive option to: (a) supplying the Services again; (b) payment of the cost of having the Services supplied again; or (c) repaying you any amount that you have paid in respect of the Services. 3.2 If your Device is damaged beyond economical repair as a direct result of a service or repair undertaken by ComputaBilda, you are entitled to a fully functional refurbished device of equal value to your Device, based on its model and condition as received and with the original repair issue resolved. In order to receive a replacement device, full payment must have been received for the repair service and the relevant damaged device must be surrendered to ComputaBilda. 3.3 Any data or information that you may have stored on the Device shall remain your sole responsibility and we accept no liability for loss or corruption of such data however caused and we therefore highly recommend that you back up your Device onto an external drive or cloud- based system prior to commissioning our Service. It is your responsibility to keep a record of any such data. 3.4 Nothing in this clause 3 shall apply so as to limit or exclude our liability for: (a) death or personal injury resulting from our negligence; (b) breach of any terms implied by statute;
Repair or Product Type
Warranty Term
Screen and component replacement
Battery replacement
12-month Warranty
Liquid Damage
1 month Warranty
Software Repair
1 month Warranty
Computer Repair
3-month Warranty
Smartphone Logic Board Repair (Level 3)
1 month Warranty
12-month Warranty (unless otherwise specified)